Universal Truth by Lily Prazsky

The world must unite under a universal truth. Right now we stand divided by religions and ideologies, even though we share one planet. We have all built up strong egos that tell us we are separate from others, but underneath this veil it is clear we all share similar joys, fears, and motivations. We must see that we are no different from each other, if the human race is to survive. Our biggest threat is ourselves. Under all of our guises of politeness and civilization, lurks an animal that lashes out when it is threatened. Have you ever noticed that the evils in the world don’t change no matter how much we change life materially? In the past, we suffered under the dictatorship of kings and emperors who often used their power in cruel ways. In the last few hundred years we replaced old systems of government with other forms. Communism, seemingly the most utopic form of government on paper, became the exact opposite when practiced in real life. Now most of the world lives under a democracy that is supposed to grant us freedom and prosperity. The truth is, we can have no real peace, justice, prosperity or freedom without changing ourselves.

The problem is not the system, it is US, human beings. As long as we do not change, do not recognize that each of us is the barrier to oneness and understanding, there will still be suffering on this earth. Religions, although they all have pieces of useful wisdom in them, are incredible vehicles for violence and very effective barriers against others. There is hardly a week that goes by that we do not hear about religious fundamentalist violence on the news. It is not just Islam either, many religions (if not all) are guilty of inciting violence against “others”. Can we think rationally about these occurrences and figure out what is at the heart of all this? What is rooted so deeply in our subconscious mind that we all have to be so violent and defensive without completely understanding why? Could it be fear of death, our knowledge of our seemingly meaningless existence in a chaotic universe? One has to wonder if we fight to defend something because it is the only stable ground we can find to walk on.

But is it possible that we can all find a common ground to stand on, that will unite us in a common purpose? We have to find it, or else our common fate self-destruction. Is it possible that all religions have pieces to the big puzzle? Can science and religion come together to show us the way? Can we see the wisdom in all philosophies and overcome our defensive egos? In this time of globalization and increased global interconnectedness, we cannot afford to live blindly any longer.  Finding out the truth is everyone’s responsibility. Peace is everyone’s responsibility. Wake up!


Note from site owner:

This article said almost exactly what I have been thinking so I had to post it.



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