Tips on Astral Travel and Spirit Guides

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On this page, I would like to explore some of the helpful methods for maintaning a healthy connection to the higher dimensions, which will bring about a healthy connection with one’s guides as they exist in the higher dimensions. I would first like to post a comment that was made on my original Making First Contact page, followed by my response as I feel it will help anybody who is looking to make this contact:

“What is it like when you start hearing your guides speak to you? Are there any special signs to look for? I guess what I am look for are any helpful tips or guides for somebody that is not quite experienced in deep meditation. I too resonate especially strong with the Pleiadians and Ra. It has come to my attention now that it is time for me to establish contact with my guides. For a while now I have been reading channeled material from various GFL sources such as Salusa, the Pleiadian High Council, and Sanjaska. Reading your post here just further cements my strong conviction and feeling to contact my own guides. But I still have trouble minimizing my ego. So if you have any extra tips or pointers on making contact with my guides, and what the process is like it would be greatly appreciated

My response:

Friend, I would be delighted to help you establish contact with your guides. I can start off by saying that at first our guides communicate to us in the way of physical manifestation for us to interpret. Let me give you an example. Have you ever received an insight, and then looked at the clock and notice a synchronocity like 11:11? This is our guides communicating with us, as is the insight you may have received. Once you tap into this contact and be able to read the signs so to speak, you will begin to be able to access this contact deeper as you will begin to establish a deeper connection with your guides by acknowledging their presence. They are around us at all times!

As you begin to develop deeper into meditation you will find a greater connection with spirit and Divinity. When practiced regularly meditation produces overall benefit, spiritually and physcially. You will begin to feel much lighter, much more free, it is an amazing feeling that is difficult to explain with words. As this connection strengthens the connection with your guides based on the foundation already provided will strengthen exponentially, to a point that they and you will be ready to begin personal contact. You don’t really ‘hear’ them in your head, it is more of a connection of thought. Our brains are like computers, and our minds are constantly connected to a greater network of souls. Much of the time we are picking up the thoughts of other souls in our collective consciousness, and your guides will also come through the veil so to speak and send their thoughts and impressions through your mental channels.

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