The Truth About Cause and Effect

When we look back at our lives we often see areas where we wish we had done it differently. “I would be more successful today if I had only done…” we say to ourselves. Today is the day where you can actually change and make that reality possible.

There is a way for you to turn it all around, to become the success you have always hoped you’d be. The power to change, to turn your life around is and has always been available to you. It lies within your Intentional Mind Power.

There is a vast resource called the Universal Mind or the Cosmic Consciousness. This resource is available to everyone and the ability to tap into it is possible when you learn to utilize your Intentional Mind Power. Developing this requires a disciplined mind, yet this is easily accomplished by anyone who knows the way

Developing a high degree of focus and concentration is the key and you can improve yours by merely sitting in a chair for 15 minutes, twice a day. The best times are first thing in the morning when you get up and the last thing at night before going to bed

The purpose of this is to access your super-conscious mind. The part of the mind that has a direct link to the Universal Mind

Your thoughts directly link to the Universal Mind, which is a living, breathing, thinking entity dwelling in the interspaces of the universe, can create. Because thought is energy your thoughts, when placed in the Universal Mind, will begin the creative process

When the Universal Mind has manifested that which is desired it begins to produce the proper cause and effect needed for possession to take place

Few people really understand cause and effect. Cause is the reason or what creates a circumstance or condition and effect is you living the circumstance or condition. When you change the cause the effect is naturally change. This is one of the irrefutable and consistent Cosmic Laws.

In order to change the cause first make an image of the situation you desire in as much detail as you can. Then while accessing your super-conscious which is directly linked to the Universal Mind you implant it into the Universal Mind like placing an order

Planting the seed in the Universal Mind is best done while you are accessing it with your super-conscious mind. And the best way to access your super-conscious mind is when you are in what is called the alpha state.

I believe meditation is the best way to reach the alpha state even though there are many other ways. It is up to you to find out the best way for you to reach the alpha state. One things you must know is that you drop into the alpha just before going to sleep and right after you wake up in the morning. When you are awakened by an alarm clock you jump all the mental states going directly to the beta state

When you are new to all this finding an easy to follow, guaranteed simple method is best and the one I recommend is all that and uses onlyh natural means to aid you on your way. To learn more simply go to Intentional Mind Power.

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