The Pleiadian High Council: We Revel at the Strides you are Making

Please use Discernment, there is a push by the Cabal to intercept/manipulate/intrude upon channelers to make them say things that are NOT correct and to confuse us and them especially lately.

You can find the Original HERE

Channeled through Wes Annac


As you find yourselves reaching the strides that your move through physicality is seeing you reach, you are finding that the etheric aspects of higher dimensional consciousness are beginning to merge with your physical and conscious perspective.

Whereas before many of you had awaited your dreamtime experience for the most metaphysical of interactions to occur before you, you are finding now that your physical Lives are becoming ripe with the higher dimensions as they become more prevalent on your world. With the dates that you dear souls have reached along your ever-important Cosmic Calendar, the energy delivering your ascension to you is being seen to but we must stress that it is your job to integrate and absorb this energy unto and within yourselves, dear souls.

It is your job to absorb the energy you are being given and to work through the still-prevalent patterns of ego in yourselves that can tend to inhibit the higher dimensional soul growth of any soul who still employs them.

Ego is a very tricky thing and will come to you in ways and forms that you dear souls would least expect, and while we and a plethora of other ascended souls have been working from our positions to help deliver your ascension to you and to help deliver the physical events that will be preceding your ascension, as always your acts upon your surface are what are most important.

You dear souls have come to this wonderful world for a reason, and your reason has been to anchor energies of a vast purity unto yourselves and unto your dear Gaia so that you and She alike could absorb these energies and ultimately benefit from them as Gaia makes Her final moves out of the third dimension. No matter where your ascension is and will be taking you at this time, we can feel that you dear souls can feel that it will be a good place; as where you are going is quite literally your definition of heaven.

The ‘gold-lined streets’ that have been said to exist upon an etheric heaven are quite real and prevalent among the ascended cities existing within your sky and you will find as well that our Motherships will give you a very good display of the heaven that you are heading toward with your continual evolution.

——See the rest at the original LINK


One response to “The Pleiadian High Council: We Revel at the Strides you are Making

  1. Lasse Larsen

    August 22, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Its amazing I keep finding this type of information. I’ve still to trust its validity but its quite compelling. Just the wording alone feels otherworldly or from a time past. I’m quite convinced that life as we know it is far from what is the truth.


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