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Simple Patterns — HeartSphere

Awesome inspiration here, I thoroughly enjoyed this very simplistic post.

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ― Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation A pattern exists deep within this life. It pervades all interior spheres of heart and mind, existing as the basic dynamic, the purest gestalt. This pattern can be found in all […]

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More Thoughts on Being in the Moment

This video is basically an update to the last History of Mankind thoughts video.

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Notes on History of Mankind Videos

My current thoughts on the videos.

Here is the Link to the start of the videos.

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Galactic News has moved!

Dolphins are in essence ascended masters, divine multi-dimensional beings, travelling in different dimensions. But on this physical plane in the form of the dolphin, they are here to bring all of us back into the ocean.  In the ocean we are immersed in the salt water crystals containing the information of Mother Earth.

Remember that the human being is a combination of many star beings, and we are amphibious beings, more than seventy-percent water. The true walls for humanity are the ocean’s waters.  Dolphins use ocean portals to travel inter-dimensionally.  The salt in the ocean is a crystal, containing the true history of the planet.  So bringing people to swim in the ocean salt crystals awakens the divine blueprint within to remember our true nature and inherent divinity.

Dolphins are conscious breathers. Conscious breathing is a path to awakening and enlightenment. We are automatic breathers.  As we remember and become…

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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Source: Tom Kenyon

The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

In this message we wish to discuss some of the significant relationships between manifest reality and non-dual states of consciousness.

Mind and Consciousness

Before we proceed, however, we would like to draw a distinction between the terms consciousness and mind as we use the words.

For us consciousness is transcendent to all phenomena and is not bound by neurological activity in your nervous system. Furthermore, consciousness is transcendent to both time and space, as you perceive them. And it is through the vehicle of your consciousness that you can travel through energetic vortices that lead outside the constraints of embodied existence.

Mind, as we use the term, refers to the sensory, mental and emotional experiences you have as a result of distinct changes in your nervous system. Indeed, as you read these words…

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Johnsmallman's Blog

You are gearing up for the enormous changes to your mode of living that lie just ahead.  Your energetic frequencies are being adjusted to cope with the astronomical increases in energy that will shortly be available for you to access, should you so wish, and most of you will because then your creativity will burst forth dynamically, offering limitless new directions to explore and enjoy.

You are creative beings, but within the illusion your abilities have been very severely restricted, and when you awaken all those restrictions will be gone.  The freedom on offer in your new domain is infinite and, in your present state, unimaginable to you.  There truly are no restrictions on the power that will be available to you or on how you use it, because when you awaken, every purpose that you hold, everything you choose to do will be guided by your unconditionally loving intent…

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Signs Everywhere That the Old Order is Crumbling

The entire article is HERE

You are on the verge of an enormous breakthrough into your fully-conscious state that will lead you to the most amazing revelations about life and existence.

The fact that you were divinely created from the One Source assures and guarantees for you the gift, the honor, the right, and the privilege of eternal existence which is the state of completion, fulfillment, and perfection from which nothing is missing. You want for nothing because anything you could ever conceive of wanting is instantly within your domain and attends your pleasure.

Full consciousness is the state in which you were created and in which you have your eternal existence. It just seems to you that you are limited because you are presently, by your own choice, experiencing severely limited consciousness due to the inadequacies of the vehicle you have chosen to inhabit – a human body – and the resultant shortage of environments in which it is capable of operating.

When you originally built the illusion you had the ability to range widely within it, but over time you slowly reduced the area in which you could travel freely, culminating in your choice to be embodied and thus exceedingly restricted.

Having so restricted yourselves anger and frustration developed, and having forgotten that your situation was one of your own choosing, you sought reasons outside yourselves to which you could attach culpability for this sorry state of affairs. In so doing you further restricted your awareness and in intense irritation began to fight with one another.

But because you were all so weak and ineffectual it was readily apparent to you, even with your limited intellectual abilities, that no one sharing the environment with you had anything like the power or influence necessary to cause the chaotic perturbations that the weather, earth movements, and seasonal climatic variations inflicted on you.

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