This is a survey that I would like any interracial couple to fill out so that I can have a way to gather my statistics.  I know it will be a long road but I hope we can all use this site to gain an understanding of who we all are people and less as colors, cultures and races.

Feel free to answer the question using the numbers to reply.  Thanks.

Questions for film

1.        How did you meet?

2.       How long until the first date?

3.       What did you have in common?

4.       What attracted you to each other?

Post relationship Issues

5.       Has anyone been adamantly against your relationship/marriage?  If so who and why?

6.       Do you ever feel discriminated against in the public arena? If so give an incident example.

7.       Have you begun to see society differently since you have been together?  Either post marriage/relationship or before?

8.       What would you say led you to chose your partner/spouse to marry?

9.       Do you think society makes hoops for interracial couples to jump through?  Or is it an unwritten code that no one seems to quite understand the phenomena?

10.   Some say life is hard enough for regular couples, same ethnos: Do you think it is worth all the flack to be with your spouse/significant other?

Optional Questions

What would you change about our society to make things better for your relationship?

Have you noticed that people in none interracial relationships don’t get it?  That is don’t quite understand when you complain about issues?

—————Please Do Not use this survey on any other site……….

Copyright France Aprahamian 2009-2020


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