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The Peoples Trust Info in Simple Language

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Robert Arthur Menard – Freeman on the Land

Robert Menard talks about how to enact the Freedom that is upon us, NOW!!

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Johnsmallman's Blog

Awakening is on the minds of all you Light-workers and way-showers as the end of this earth year draws ever closer.  You want action, impressive action, something very startling or at least uplifting.  Well, you will get it.  Keep holding the intent to awaken; it is the driving force that is moving you homeward, and trust in God’s Will that you are going to awaken and in His promise that you will do so.  Even if you are experiencing doubts, release them — because deep within yourselves you know that they are unfounded, that they are just an aspect of the illusion that causes confusion and unnecessary anxiety.

Your homeward journey is nearly over, and your destination is clearly beckoning you onwards.  All is progressing as divinely planned and intended.  And as you have been told many times you just need to maintain your own individual intent, and when doubts…

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Johnsmallman's Blog

We are all one.  You know that.  It means, among many other things, that we in the spiritual realms are constantly aware of you doing your best to awaken yourselves and all of humanity from the illusion.  It is a difficult and sometimes exhausting task that you chose to take on, and we honor you dearly for your courage and your persistence.  You are succeeding!  It just seems that it is taking far longer than you expected to achieve fulfillment of that undertaking, and so it has become a chore for you, whereas when you agreed to do it you engaged with it with enormously high hopes and incredible enthusiasm.

And those hopes and enthusiasm were, and remain, totally justified.  In the illusion the lack of a sense of the divine energies, the faintness of their essence, the apparent interminability of the waiting, and the lack of vitality many of…

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Just a quick NOTE

This is a reminder to be aware that not all people are going to believe the same as you do about the things that are going on in the world. In fact some people see nothing going on at all, yep believe it or not. Now that is not to say that they are wrong and we are right or vice versa its just we are all different. We are individuals with our own purposes and life plans.

The main reason, though, I am writing today is to remind you to use your on GUT to decide if you believe or trust anything online or offline. I had incidents the last few days that allowed me to recall that very thing. Don’t be swayed by pretty pictures or smiles or what not just let YOU be your BEST guide on whatever it is YOU see/hear/read.

Have an AWESOME weekend.

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July 22, 2012 Sunday Encouragements

SAUL speaks of ascension & encouragement


Michael channeled by Ron Head

Insights into the Obama situation

BELOW is NOT as encouraging but it has to be SHARED


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Galactic Federation of Light

Todays Video is Below:

Enjoy !!


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