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BREAKING: Oklahoma – Targeted Weaponized Weather Event says Former Weatherman [video]

Well looks like I wasn’t the only one who felt this was a staged event, can’t even trust the weather. NO FEAR people that is what it takes to change things, go forward and do whatever things you came to earth to do, GIT ‘er Done !!

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

From Alfred Webre.

7:18am May 23

BREAKING: Oklahoma – Targeted Weaponized Weather Event . . . Scott Stevens Exposes the Geoengineering of the Oklahoma Twisters . . . posted on 😉

This Storm was Engineered . . . there is NO such thing as natural weather anymore, that has been gone for 30 years or so . . .
Includes compelling satellite imagery.

Former TV weatherman Scott Stevens shares his expert analysis as to whether the Oklahoma tornado that recently caused so much death and destruction was artificially geoengineered.

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Evidence and Witnesses to Mars Jumprooms Mounting

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I guess we had better open our minds to the new reality.  It would be pretty cool to go to Mars for the weekend, wouldn’t it?

From Alfred Lambremont Webre Exopolitics Facebook group:

“There are now five Mars jump room whistleblowers who jumped to Mars (Michael C. Relfe, Andrew D. Basiago, Arthur Neumann, William B. Stillings, and Bernard Mendez), a corroborating Mars colony recruit (Laura M. Eisenhower), four public servants who have been identified by others as Mars jumpers who have not come forward publicly but might (Barack H. Obama, Regina E. Dugan, Admiral Stansfield Turner, and Mary Jean Eisenhower), one deceased US astronaut who has been identified by three of his co-trainees as a fellow jumper (William C. McCool), one Naval attaché who has been identified by two jumpers as being present at the El Segundo, CA jump room site (Michael Strickland), one CIA agent who has…

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Shade Movie Trailer

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Stever Greer Gives Disclosure Project Update

Disclosure Project Update


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Keshe Foundation – Belgium

Keshe foundation – advanced Technologies revealed – Pass the Word

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Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the GFOL and Spiritual Hierarchy

The entire article is at the LINK

Here is an Excerpt:

Naturally, raising your level of consciousness involves more than slightly updating your technology. Your world has been held in a vice by the dark cabal and prevented from achieving anything more than a fraction of its potential. When your computer age was born and the World Wide Web came into being, the cabal truly believed it could control this substantial advance in communications. But the advent of the silicone chip began to rapidly decentralize the availability of knowledge and thus posed an inadvertent threat to the cabal’s information stranglehold over you. The genie was out of the bottle, as your saying goes, and the cabal was then kept busy limiting further advances in this area. Despite this throttling of natural technological expansion, you pushed the dark to the point where it could barely control you even as it did a decade ago, and we were greatly heartened by the way you grabbed this opportunity for growth. On another front, we watch over the many volunteers living among you who come from other worlds and dimensions, and who are consciously aware that they are here to help this world through the changes. They also know that it is in fact ‘a done deal’!

The momentum toward the great shift in your reality is picking up speed with each passing day. Our many allies have forged a union which is preparing to remove the cabal from power. This drive is being assisted by a growing people movement, which has altered the government of Iceland, triggered huge daily demonstrations in Mexico, and compelled the governments of China and Japan to rethink their alliances with the dark cabal. These developments herald the vast changes that are ready to emerge all over the globe. You as a collective are hereby spiritually requesting an end to the evil that has kept you downtrodden and in a state of mere chattel, and in answer to this collective cry we have been given permission to effect this. As a result, you are already seeing the cabal more and more limited in what it can do. The next major step is to arrest and isolate these cabalists, and they now finally comprehend just how close we are to achieving this objective.


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