WakingTimes – Heather Gallaghan – Science: Sunlight Could Reduce Death Rate From All Causes – 28 June 2013

29 Jun

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Flickr-sunset-Tony-Fischer-Photography-300x215Here’s something I never thought we’d hear in this lifetime:

We suspect that the benefits to heart health of sunlight will outweigh the risk of skin cancer.

A lot of us are secretly, boldly basking for reasons like vitamin D, mood enhancement, happiness, skin issues, liver health, pain and more. Now there’s never a reason to fear harm or feel guilty – you could save your heart – and prevent an untimely death!

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One response to “WakingTimes – Heather Gallaghan – Science: Sunlight Could Reduce Death Rate From All Causes – 28 June 2013

  1. Lasse Larsen

    August 22, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    I’ve always felt a strong relation to the sun. I feel protected and cared for by this great burning planet. The sun is quite mysterious and quite a unique thing. Imagine life without a sun. Right there would be none. Ergo the sun is the father of life, even in ancient and native practices the sun plays a crucial role, and is often referred to as the father, and earth is the mother. The neurosis perpetuated in mainly western culture about he harm of the sun, seems to have created several highly profitable industries that feed of the lesser knowing. In my experience every planet, and every part of the universe plays an important role in keeping the balance and order everywhere. The fact that mankind has become so egoic is quite interesting to observe and see how eventually we will come back to our true nature which is spirit. Health starts on the Inside, and is reflected on what we perceive to be an outside. Our skin reflects our toxicity and the sun simply helps provoke it to show.


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