Lucas – Accept The Gift From Source With Love – Are You Chosing Your Change And Chance To Step Into The New -16 May 2013

17 May

Lucas 2012 Infos

giftofsourceIt is a lot of observing I have to do from my eye balls in the multiverse sky.  I focus in on earth’s  humanity  and see  unveiling and sometimes even re-veiling of old patterns, dogmas, perceptions, beliefs,  and processes going on. It is not easy for you all to break through those  “powerful spells” you experience.  Often the old cosy bad world is even for some still less scary in their view than stepping into the unknown and unimaginable.  Acknowledge all that is you and whatever it is you are.   See the mindcontrolled you,  the educated in a certain way drone you were and the manipulated “fictional person” you that was kept in the mind by repeating in tantrums all is true according to….  All perceptions are in the now strongly getting a re-shuffle and some perceptions will get a firm slap on the bum.  All is as said…

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