Montague’s Message for Sunday, 5th May 2013

07 May

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

If you listened to the Alfred Webre/Jay Parker interview posted yesterday (How 34 Million Satanic/Illuminati Americans Keep Earth in Turmoil), you will understand how they can ruthlessly murder and plan to murder millions of innocent people.

© The Montague Keen Foundation 2013
To his surviving wife, Veronica…
 Many people are having difficulty coming to terms with the information that is being made public at this time. What was suppressed is now leaking out. Your governments deliberately kept you in darkness and under control. Yes, there are beings from other planets amongst you. Many of them chose to live among you, so as to lead you forward into the Light and to release you from the burden which the Dark Ones imposed on you. The population of the Earth had to increase enormously to prevent the dark takeover. The Dark Ones have responded in return, by using many methods to cull…

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