16 Oct

Galactic News has moved!

Dolphins are in essence ascended masters, divine multi-dimensional beings, travelling in different dimensions. But on this physical plane in the form of the dolphin, they are here to bring all of us back into the ocean.  In the ocean we are immersed in the salt water crystals containing the information of Mother Earth.

Remember that the human being is a combination of many star beings, and we are amphibious beings, more than seventy-percent water. The true walls for humanity are the ocean’s waters.  Dolphins use ocean portals to travel inter-dimensionally.  The salt in the ocean is a crystal, containing the true history of the planet.  So bringing people to swim in the ocean salt crystals awakens the divine blueprint within to remember our true nature and inherent divinity.

Dolphins are conscious breathers. Conscious breathing is a path to awakening and enlightenment. We are automatic breathers.  As we remember and become…

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