Ascension Earth 2012 – September 21

23 Sep

The original is HERE

Okay Greg has a different viewpoint than most it doesn’t make him right or wrong, he has some good points. Use discernment is all I can say. What feels right to you for YOU!!

Nestled in your far and remote corner of this, your Milky Way galaxy, is your tiny blue planet that sits perched on gentle whispers of cloud formation giving rise to the charming name Milky Way. We have been here for a very long time and so have you, our dear brothers and sisters. We all have come here for a very special purpose, for a very important reason, and that reason is to ‘bury the hatchet’ and make up for lost time, as throughout the ages and throughout the eons many of your world today did not get along what can be considered well. What we consider well anyway. There was occasion when there have been outbreaks of war in this, your 3rd third dimensional universe.

We wish to make it clear that there has been no war in your 5th dimensional universe, this is true. We wish to make that stipulation very clear for those of you who feel that war is a construct of higher dimensional life, for it is not in any way, shape or form. War is not the answer, for any and all 5th dimensional or higher beings have figured this out a long time ago. This was one of the pieces of the puzzle that needed to be fit together before a being can ascend from the lower dimensions such as your 3rd dimension to a higher dimension such as your 5th dimension.

Here in your 3rd dimensional reality war, and that is what we shall refer to it for now, and yes, this is sad to say and it gives us no happiness to report this to you, but war is not unique to your planet Earth. Now there have been wars that have broken out and there have been rashes of violence that have occurred throughout this entire 3rd dimensional universe for many and varied reason. Some of these reasons may be seen as simple misunderstanding and a failure or lack to find some suitable, amicable and permanent solutions to certain disagreements, problems, inequities or unfairness. We say to you part of the reason you are all here is to iron out these differences. Yes, this is why many of you are here, for many of you have taken part in these wars, some of you on opposing sides and some of you as allies on the same side.

See the Above LINK for the rest.


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