The Ascended Masters: You Are Initiating Everything

17 Sep

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Can you feel what has been commencing on your surface, dear souls?

Can you feel the strides that you are reaching and the willingness of the higher realms to make ourselves known within the fore of your perceptions? Your realities and perceptions have been in the midst of a continual shifting process for some time as you pair together what you recognize as pure [higher dimensional] reality, with what you recognize as realities that only feed former ways of being and by performing this pairing, you are finding higher dimensional perceptions that are quite literally upgrading your temples [as you realize what no longer works for you].

As you grow into purer perceptions of what reality is, you naturally begin to be exposed to all that which you have held dear to your hearts but which has been feeding in yourselves, a prevalent lower dimensional experience.

No dear soul is ever judged for the choices that they wish to make along their paths and all of you are Loved infinitely, by us and by our dear Creator and we know that despite the actions you have made on your path, you are all finding the realms of Source and will eventually be existing within the pure realms of our dear Creator, wherein you will experience a total unity with the energy that you truly are within.

We ask you to consider the idea of existing with no wish for an identity, and we wish you to know as well that if you do not wish for such an experience, you can stay within the realms that do not yet garner such an experience until you find yourselves comfortable with experiencing the next stage and octave of growth and consciousness.

Imagine feeling and being the pure energies of Source, and needing nothing else.

Rest assured, dear souls, you will go through a plethora of stages and octaves of harmonic reality still before you find yourselves in the realms wherein you will take no identity or memory, and simply exist as Source. Many of you have many, many ‘Lives’ and stages planned-out for yourselves that include existing as planets and stars which help to Create and sustain reality for beings existing within a lower consciousness.

See the rest and Part Two at the LINK

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