Transcript: Sept. 8, 2012 Talk with an Angel

09 Sep

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Archangel Michael: Greetings I AM Michael.

GD: Welcome.

AAM: And welcome to you beloved friend, beloved friends, beloved of the planet, welcome and thank you. Thank you for your generous invitation, thank you for listening, thank you for being observant enough to hear and to digest and to understand what I say to thee.

Yes I come to speak to you tonight about creation, about dreaming, about bringing forth your heart’s desire. I come to speak to you about Ascension for all of these are one piece and they are a piece of the dream, they are a piece of the promise, they are the Mother’s unfoldment.

They cannot be dissected or separated, so do not even try my beloved friends. There is no Ascension without dreaming, without hope, without trust, without joy, without love. Without hope how do you spend your days? How do you look forward? And how do you even look back? How do you stay in the place of now?

It is the same for love, for trust and even for surrender. My beloved friends, you have been diligent in your work and I in no way have meant it to be disrespectful when I have said “You do not dream big enough.” But I do speak to you from the perspective and the knowing of being in the retinue of the Mother’s Archangels, of being in service to the One and of the understanding infinite and eternal of the plan.

Now the way most of you have been constructed and the ways that we have, in fact, guided you and taught you and pointed the way has been to travel within to the depths of your internal heart, your expansive self, the knowing of who you are and the wonder and acceptance of who you are. But most of you when you are thinking about dreaming, creating, becoming, expanding are also doing it within the confines of what you think is your accepted reality.

And I do not even mean the old 3rd dimensional reality, for most of you have advanced and adventured far beyond that and you are well underway into the 5th, 6th, 7th, and far beyond. But what you tend to do is to think what is acceptable to you, even within the definition and parameters of what you know as your physical life.

Now while on the one hand that is important and understandable because part of this Ascension process is remaining and taking your physical form with you, but it is also expanding far beyond what you think is acceptable to you in terms of what you choose to create.

And yes we understand that many of you think in tangible terms and you have need to know that not only do we understand this mechanism, we support it. But when you think, for example, of having enough, for many of you are in that place and many of you are in that place because you have volunteered to be the way-showers, that you are strong enough to be in this place.

But when you think of food on the table and a roof over your head, I do not encourage you to think of mansions in the sky. But do you think, my beloved ones, of food for all, not just physical food but manna, spiritual, emotional, mental? For you will be in a form. Do you think of shelter for all? Do you think of Gaia being in a place where she no longer feels the need to shrug or to express or cleanse to gain attention?

Do you think of magnificent places, of light and harmony where neighbors truly do love one another? Not simply that they live without fear or without strife, but where this place of love exists, where you can look at your neighbor and without even concern or fear, but with excitement and joy see the expression of their hearts, of their magnificence, of their wonder. Where you can look at their dog and see the same thing.

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