08 Sep

I found this to be Inspirational.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

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For those who are FEELING like they are on a rollercoaster … one minute on top of the world , one minute ready to cry … KNOW you are not alone . Many are FEELING the same. It seems pretty common place at the moment for one to be FEELING lost and unsure of who they are and what they are meant to be doing. If it FEELS right do it … if it doesn’t don’t! Not easy and Trusting these FEELINGS and abiding by them can take a big leap of faith … Just wanted to share that as there is a lot of relief when someone realises they are not alone in this and it is an effect of the energies that are flying around at the moment.

(Why do I always put the word FEELINGS in caps? … because The Federation Of Light continue to tell us that it is our FEELINGS that we must…

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