The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes

19 Aug

The Hathors Update is Here

Excerpt Below:
The collective has long been able to provide for your needs and you are to find in the immediate period ahead, along with revolutionary technology that you will be given, the importance of bartering and of coming together to produce all that you need rather than relying on any corporate entity to feed your Lives to you.

The temporary financial system that has been discussed will be based in many ways on the independent bartering and producing of goods by you, the people. This system of give and trade has always been intended to be kept in use until humanity evolves to the state of consciousness wherein you will not experience any types of lack [or need].

In the immediate period ahead, everything is to be given back into the hands of the people and while much work will be yours to be done, you will be provided the means to do so and the means to come together as a collective and unite on the planetary level that will see your collective soul structure uniting with dear Mother Gaia.

See the Rest at the Link!

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