The production that goes into being you

16 Aug

Hi I found some interesting information on a forum that I recently joined. I am not sure the source but I believe the person that posted it wrote it.
[Synopsis: it tells how we decide to come to earth from the higher realms – I love this]
I hope its okay to use her info Here the link for the rest of the article


Do you realize just how much of a production it is to prepare you for physical life upon a world? Especially when it comes to planets that are learning schoolhouses where those who incarnate upon it have no memory of who they are or where they come from. Often we are lead to believe that once we die, we go to a heaven or hell, depending on the culture into which you are born. Some believe if you live a good life, you will go to a place where you can rest eternal more.

However, being immortal beings with a desire to grow and learn our life between lives is anything but eternal rest. Yes I believe we are allowed to rest for as long as we desire, but eventually we will want to take up a challenge once again. When we decide this, motions are put into place to plan and prepare for our journey back to a physical body once again.

It doesn’t matter if you are incarnating into a physical body to experience a lesson or as a soul who has agreed to help in raising a vibration of a world, the preparation is pretty much the same. A lot of thought and time goes into preparing you to give you the best opportunity to accomplish the goals that you have set out for yourself.

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