Ascension Tips

14 Aug

Excerpt Below:
Exercise 1:
The most basic recommendation with regard to your health is to develop a mindful breathing practice. Be aware of your breath. Every time you think of it—regardless of what else you’re doing—take a slow, deep breath. Keep that going as long as you can. When you think of it again, breathe deeply and fully into your lower abdomen, then expand into your lungs. On exhalation, exhale first from your lungs, then your abdomen. Put little “BREATHE” signs up around your home and work areas to remind you.

Exercise 2:
Next, you might try something similar to the Gassho meditation that Reiki practitioners use. Gassho simply means prayer position. Sit comfortably for meditation with a straight spine and imagine the white light of the Divine, of Creator, of Source above your head. Breathe that down into your entire body. Imagine your body being filled with light. Use the breath to pull the light down and then direct it into your body. Then use the breath to push the light beyond your body and out around you. I imagine this reinforcing my connection with the Universal field and strengthening my sense of Oneness with all.


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