14 Aug

More fun information, I know it seems impossible but the way information is coming out these days I don’t really doubt this too much, read with discernement !!!

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

News to me!

Gracious Day from this White Robe!

Ra, messenger & teacher, Adept of the Brotherhood, forthcoming Guardian, will share a note about the transfer of Terra to a space zone near Sirius. The initial chronicle about the subject was among those taken up by Metatron to JJ Hurtak circa early 70s yet (Keys of Enoch).

The Divine plan of getting the planet a bit nearer the central area of the galaxy is very much in place. When the Father direct began intervention on Earth in 1974, all the more does the Plan make sound and doable, as the Father himself will do the act of transferring the planet via a cosmic bubble.

The fact about gas bubbles and plasma bubbles in space has been known to our astrophysicists for some time now. That a plasma bubble can be used to transport a celestial body as huge as planet…

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