~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ All Eyes Are On Planet Earth=Heart

10 Aug

The Link is Here >>>

Excerpt Below:
This is an inevitable event, which was Originally Called forth from Mother Earth=Heart, and Her Ascension Home into the Light. All of Humanity is just here for the JOY RIDE!!

This means Unconditional Creation HAS Awakened, into the Highest Possible Thought of Energy That Could Ever Occur. This will be Unfolding for All Eternity, In Every Moment, With Every Moment of NOW, Forever and Forever. This is Creation… Always More…=The ALL Given To Creation, To Create More in Grander Ways, as Atoms Move Towards More of the Love that Created them.This is How Love and Creation Move with the Atoms of Love. This Energy merges Humanity with US in Spirit, This is the Wedding of Humanity to God. Which is the EVENT~

This is an unstoppable Moment within Creation. Mother Earth with Humanity is birthing a New Paradigm and through this, the world of illusion is dissolving and quickly. It’s now becoming increasingly impossible for these Energies to exist together! Something’s gotta Give, and will. Resistence is futile… Love Has Already Won!

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