Inception of the Universal Mind

04 Aug

The Article is HERE

The concept of “dream sharing”, whether in The Matrix or in Inception is extremely radical. It is revolutionary. This concept assumes that dreams are essentially REAL. As humankind transitions out of the dark 6th (k)night of the Galactic Underworld and into the 7th day, our collective thoughts are becoming reality. The thin line between dreams and reality will begin to dissolve until the dream state IS reality: an infinite state of being and “pure creation”.

For the past 16+ billion years, life on Earth has evolved through a divine plan. From amoebic, to mammalian, to proto-humanoid, to modern-industrial, to virtual, human consciousness is exponentially accelerating and evolving to cope with an ever-increasing amount of data assimilation. Eventually, a quantum leap occurs. We are in the cusp of that leap. Some call it the 2nd coming of Christ (consciousness), others call it the “New Age”, “The Return of Quetzalcoatl”, “Return of White Buffalo”, “End of the Kali Yuga”. The list goes on but the story is the same. It is the story of the infinite mystery. It is the story of the death of human ego and the dissolution of concrete 3-dimensional reality. The story is the revelation of the infinite dimension—the universal mind.

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