31 Jul

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The word is getting out to more and more people. The Pleiadians succeeded in their quest to get Olympic ‘air time’ if you’ll pardon the pun, and if the visits to my blog are any indication, the world wants to know about it! So far, 4020 people ‘liked’ the Huff’s article and almost 36% so far said it was an ET visitation. (Thanks, Susan)

Check it out. You can vote there on what you think the object was.

Someone posted in a forum that the UFO didn’t resemble a typical Pleiadian craft; that it looked like a saucer the Germans engineered after creating technology copied from the extraterrestrial craft they analyzed, and I suppose that’s a possibility, but there’s a question that arises from that theory.

If, for seventy years, the world’s governments have been lying and murdering countless people to keep the secret of the ET presence, and…

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