Cool Website On Paranormal Issues

04 Apr

You can see it HERE


Although, at times, it may seem like it , we are not alone – Far from it. Actually, we are ‘One’ of the ‘All that Is’.
We are a ‘Collective Consciousness of Everything Created . Our particles instantaneously communicate with one
another regardless of distance . Whether we are ten feet or ten billion miles apart, somehow each particle ‘always’
seem to know what the other is doing. All information is possessed by the ‘Whole’ and although we ‘think’ we are
separate from this whole we are not.
Separation is an illusion – this ‘whole’ or ‘All that is’ CANNOT be separated. All things in the universe are infinitely
interconnected. All nature is ultimately a seamless web. At its deeper level, reality is – in itself – sort of a super-
hologram in which the past, present and future all exist simultaneously. It must be seen as a sort of cosmic storehouse
of `All That Is’.

Read the rest at the link.

I found this site to be quite enlightening.

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